cut stone veneer retaining wall for a tiered front yard landscape

Garden Features

Magnify the beauty of your garden or backyard with a bit of structure using masonry, stone and brickwork water features, seating and planter boxes. Our expert craftsmanship ensures that these elements blend seamlessly with your garden’s aesthetics, creating a captivating and harmonious ambiance.

stone walls and arbors in a tiered garden

Garden Seating, Walls and Arbors

Enhance your garden’s functionality, while introducing structure and organization with our meticulously crafted garden seating, walls and arbors. These stone features not only add a touch of architectural elegance to your outdoor space, but also provide functional seating and structure for climbing plants.


Create contrast against the organic flow of your landscape with stone, paver or brick walkways and stairs. Masonry can help cut through the landscape (literally) for easy access to every corner of your backyard. Or define specific areas with pathways that also serve as borders.

brick walkway cuts through a garden
wide stone steps lead up to a heavy wooden door

Steps and Treads

Complete the look of your patio or frame the entrance of your home with steps and treads. Accentuate the natural look of your property with cut-stone or pavers, or add an industrial feel with brick or concrete. We use high-quality, durable materials that not only withstand the weather, but also wear and tear from foot traffic.

Let Masonry by Conrad Elevate Your Backyard or Garden

Let us transform your garden into a tranquil and visually stunning retreat where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature in style and comfort.