closeup of a beautiful fireplace insert surrounded by cut stone veneer; the fireplace insert has a black wrought-iron mantel and a concrete footer for additional seating close to the fire; decorative candles sit atop the mantel; industrial lights hang from red wood posts above the fireplace

Patios, Walkways and Steps

Extend your home into the outdoors with defined living and entertaining spaces in your very own backyard. Stone, brick and paver patios, walkways and steps and treads can help create a homey environment outside without the need for extra buildings. Our skilled craftsmanship ensures that these additions are not just functional, but also complement the natural aesthetic of your backyard. 

stone and brick patio overlooking a perfectly manicured garden


Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of stone, the classic charm of brick, or the versatility of pavers, if you dream it, we can build it. Patios can help bring some of the indoors out and serve as a focal point for outdoor activities. Consider incorporating a fountain, a firepit, or an outdoor kitchen to break up the space and get additional functionality. 


Create contrast against the organic flow of your landscape with stone, paver or brick walkways and stairs. Masonry can help cut through the landscape (literally) for easy access to every corner of your backyard. Or define specific areas with pathways that also serve as borders.

brick walkway cuts through a garden
wide stone steps lead up to a heavy wooden door

Steps and Treads

Complete the look of your patio or frame the entrance of your home with steps and treads. Accentuate the natural look of your property with cut-stone or pavers, or add an industrial feel with brick or concrete. We use high-quality, durable materials that not only withstand the weather, but also wear and tear from foot traffic.

Take Your Next Step with Masonry by Conrad 

At Masonry by Conrad, we understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Our goal is to create a captivating environment where you can relax, entertain, and savor the outdoors. With over 30 years’ experience, Masonry by Conrad is your premier Santa Rosa masonry contractor. 

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